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Traceability 5.0

Flexible Track & Trace

AI Computer Vision-based solution to visually track the propagation of workpiece/part and its associated serial number virtually across the production line until code printers.

System Setup:

The setup ensures direct communication of production data in real teams. The hardware consists of:

  • Real-time capture cameras are installed at individual process stages and stations capturing live video of production and track parts or products flow
  • An edge controller is provided to run AI algorithms and communicate real-time data to SCADA/MES level

Transparency 5.0

AI-based Production Data Acquisition

We want to detach the problem of production data collection from Industrial Automation (IA) by leveraging advanced AI technology while prompting the concept of IA to be focused on control and automating production processes. Our product is an Out-of-the-Box scalable solution, for the acquisition of production data based on integrating AI Computer Vision technology. Our solution provides an alternative to traditional systems, resolves all pain points and provides additional opportunities for production optimization.

Efficient Production Transparency:

  • Cycle Times calculation: Is achievable using real-time computer vision, thus provide transparent and reliable production statistics independent of OT/IT system health and human intervention
  • Part or Batch-based counting: Is easily resolved using computer vision and can be used to optimize batch production
  • Standardized data structures

Flow 5.0

With computer vision and real-time Digital Twin of production is possible and can provide comprehensive insight into various aspects of manufacturing process: AI based surveillance, parts density, spacing, identifying irregular flow, and any abnormalities.

The Future of Manufacturing Traceability Powered by AI

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